Vintage Valco SUPRO TWEED Guitar Tube Amp - Comet Model


RARE Vintage 1954 Valco SUPRO TWEED Tube Amp - Comet Model - EXCELLENT!!  (See Pics)

Amp is in mint restored condition (tubes, caps, switches, etc. ) to original factory specs - leather handle has been replaced with an NOS replacement.
Field Coil and Output Transformer are original - Ross' comments below

"The chassis had all the paper and filter capacitors replaced. All resistors were checked and replaced if out-of-tolerance. The output tube is a domestic brand that checks good for all parameters. 
The speaker was re-coned using a NOS cone and voice-coil assembly. All jacks and controls were cleaned. The original chassis finish and screening is in good shape. The amplifier was run a full day and checked to make sure output power, distortion, hum, noise, and gain were all within original specifications. The cabinet has the original covering and grill cloth."
Ross Blomgren
RJB Electronic Services LLC

Serial # X33077

Sold Out