WURLITZER 750 JUKEBOX (78s) Coin Operated. 1941


Vintage WURLITZER 750 JUKEBOX (78s) Coin Operated. 1941 WORKING ORIGINAL!

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Click here to see the 750 in action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R05u5UgBkz4

This is a good, solid, complete model 750E. It is a later production one with the paper light diffuser. The coin system works with nickels, dimes, and quarters using the original slug rejectors and “grinder.”  

The electrical selector works on all 24 selections. The record changer has never been rebuilt so the clutch is a bit sluggish but it does cycle and play properly. It has 78 rpm records and trays in it.

The title board is a reproduction along with the “Wurlitzer” logo on the front and color shields around the keyboard. All other plastics, bubble tubes, and castings are original. The tone arm is lightened and has an Astatic 51-3 cartridge in it. The grill cloth was replaced many years ago. The bottom door is in good shape.

As of January 2013 - Lubricated the changer, cleaned contacts, oiled the coin grinder, cleaned the slug rejectors, re-capped the amplifier, replaced the power cord, replaced the needle, and replaced the rubber speaker bushings.

With some elbow grease, it can be a nice original machine or it will make a great restoration project. 
  1. Mechanical Condition - Good (see notes above)
  2. Amp & Speaker Condition - Excellent (Rebuilt) with Orig Speaker
  3. Cosmetics - Good Cabinet with some veneer fading, chipping, scratches, etc -Plastics complete with some scratches, dis-coloration, and shrinkage.
  4. Glass - Good
  5. Coin Mechanism - Complete
  6. Selection Type - 24 Songs 
  7. Key  - NA
  8. Dimensions - 56 tall x 32 wide x 26 deep (approximate inches)

More pics or video is availableupon request.

In-person viewings are welcome PRIOR to purchase.  Sold as-is.

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